Visa & Passport Services

Step by Step Guide to Application

A successful application for an entry visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan meets certain requirements. We recommend that applicants follow these steps to prepare a complete application package.

  • Three consular sections service US residents of certain states. Each state is assigned to a consular office. Please confirm your state's assigned section before you proceed further.
  • Download and complete the Visa Application form. A visa application must be submitted for each family member irregardless of age.
  • Several documents are required to accompany your visa application for a complete application package.

    1. Letter of Invitation

    A written invitation from a Kazakh citizen or company is required. This letter should clearly state:
    - the purpose of your trip;
    - your contact or host in Kazakhstan;
    - the dates of your travel;
    - and places to be visited.
    The letter should be addressed to the Consular Section assigned to your state of primary residency.

    2. Passport Photos

    Please submit a passport-sized photo of the visa applicant, and a photocopy of the applicant's passport's main page. You may attach the photo to your application with a paperclip. Please do not use a staple.

    3. Letter from Migration Service

    Citizens whose country does not have a visa-free entry regime with the Republic of Kazakhstan require an invitation letter from Migration Service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.
    One may use this web tool to confirm whether their citizenship qualifes for visa-free entry, and thereby whether one requires a invitation letter from Migration Service.

    4. Self-addressed Envelope

    All visa applications must include a self-addressed return envelope with pre-paid postage. Applications are incomplete without this return envelope.
  • Most visas require a fee be paid. The fee amount depends on the visa type you require. Please include a copy of your receipt of visa fee payment with your application. No receipt of a money order is required. We recommend that you photocopy your money order for your records until a visa is issued.
    Please note visa fee payment method differ by consular section location:
    Washington, D.C.: money order made to the Embassy of Kazakhstan or credit card on location
    New York City: money order made to the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in New York
    San Francisco: money order made to the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in San Francisco
  • Please submit your passport with your complete visa application package. As of July 1, 2019, all visa applications and most consular documents must be submitted to a consular section in-person by the applicant. Visa applications may not be sent by mail or courier. Third-party services may submit applications only for Diplomatic and Service visas.