US Citizens

Here you will find information relevant for U.S. Citizens who are required to apply for a visa type to enter territory of Kazakhstan, or request documents from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

U.S. Citizens currently in the Republic of Kazakhstan

U.S. Citizens currentlyin the Republic of Kazakhstan and require immediate help or support should contact either the U.S. Embassy in Nur-Sultan or the U.S. Consulate General in Almaty. This website and the embassy and consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan located in the U.S. only issue entry visas and documents required by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

U.S. citizens traveling inside Kazakhstan for fewer than 30 consecutive days for tourism general business, or a forum or conference do not require a visa to enter the territory.
U.S. citizens do however require a visa for stays longer than 30 consecutive days inside Kazakhstan and for certain purposes of travel that are not toursim, general business or for a forum or conference.

Visa Types

Kazakhstan offers a range of visa types. Please note the following:

As of July 1, 2019, all visa applications and most consular documents must be submitted to a consular section in-person by the applicant... Read More

Visa-free Requirements for US Citizens

US citizens can visit Kazakhstan without a visa for stays of up to 30 calendar days. If necessary, US passport holders can apply for a permanent residency visa at a loca... Read More

Renunciation of Citizenship

Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not allow for dual citizenship. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have accepted U.S. citizenship should send all documents described below to renounce their citizenship from the Republic o... Read More

Request for Documents

To request/retrieve documents from Kazakhstan, you must send the following:

Information for US Citizens on Coronavirus

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