Visa & Passport Services

How to Submit Documents
The Republic of Kazakhstan has three Consular Sections in the U.S. - each covering a specific geography of U.S. states. Permanent and full-time residents of each state must direct all questions, and submit all visa applications, fee payments and consular business to the Consular section assigned by one's state residency.

Which Consular Section are you Assigned?

Please use the web tool below to confirm the Consular Section that each U.S. state is assigned.

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All completed applications, forms, or Consular documents must be:

  • submitted in person by the applicant (unless younger than 16 years old),
  • by the person named on the documentions, and
  • at the Consular Section that they are assigned as determined by their U.S. state of residency.
  • Third-party services are only allowed for submission of Service Visa and Diplomatic Visa types.

Consular section hours are 9:00AM - 12:00PM (local time of each consular section) Monday through Friday except Wednesdays. All consular sections are closed on Wednesdays.

Phone consultations are only available from 3:30PM - 4:30PM.

Sections are closed on December 16, on January 2 & 3, and on all national holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan and U.S. federal holidays.

Each family member 18 years or older and seeking an entry visa or consular service is required to submit an application and required documments in person. A parent or guardian may appear in person on behalf of children 17 years old and younger.