Foreign Nationals with US Residency Visa Types for Foreign Nationals

Permanent Residency


Permanent Residency - single
for Citizens of countries that do not have visa-free regime with Kazakhstan
Single entry

Please note:
Permanent Residency - single
Single entry
  • For U.S. & non-U.S. citizens
  • Must submit a letter of request (for visa) detailing your intended residency
  • Valid for three month date range
  • < 18 years old must apply for C11 Permanent Residency visa at migration service offices in Kazakhstan

For all non-Kazakh citizens intending to take up a permanent residency within the Republic of Kazakhstan; (B8 – single/multiple entry until 90 days).

U.S. citizens and citizens with visa-free privileges must enter Kazakhstan under visa-free regime for up to 30 days and apply for Permanent Residency visa at the local migration service in Kazakhstan. Those under the age of 18 must apply for Permanent Residency visa C11 at the local migration service offices in Kazakhstan.

The “B8” - permanent residency visa shall be issued to persons staying in the Republic of Kazakhstan and coming from the countries with which there are international treaties concluded on a visa-free entry procedure ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to citizens of the states provided for in the clause 17 of the Rules for Entry and Stay of Immigrants in the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by the Republic of Kazakhstan Government Resolution #148 dated January 21, 2012, and for those who apply to internal affairs agencies for a permit for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan; this visa shall be issued for the period necessary for the petition to be considered, but no more than for 90 calendar days.

Citizens whose country does not have a visa-free entry regime with the Republic of Kazakhstan require an invitation letter from Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and pay visa fee of 180 USD.

Click here to see the Order for the above rule in English. Click here to see the Order for the above rule in Russian.