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Renunciation of Citizenship

If you have additional questions about the list of documents, please send your request by e-mail, according to the distribution of US states and territories between the Embassy in Washington and the Consulates General in New York City and San Francisco.

Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not allow for dual citizenship. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have accepted U.S. citizenship should send all documents described below to renounce their citizenship from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Naturalized U.S. cititzens (who previouly held Kazakh citizenship) who want to claim pension savings from funds held in Kazakhstan funds must apply for visa B8 (residence permit) to Consular Section assigned to their U.S. state of residency. Naturalized US citizens must receive documentation of allowance from the MIA of Kazakhstan to live in the USA prior to becoming a US citizen. Otherwise the US citizens must apply for permanent residency in Kazakhstan. For that purpose, U.S. citizens may enter Kazakhstan for 30 consecutive days or fewer to make the application.

For an application for the loss of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan must include the following documents in duplicate (for the second copy you can make a copy of the original documents) in the order corresponding to this list. Important: the form must be submitted in either Russian or Kazakh languages. We recommend that you complete the form in English and have it translated into Russian or Kazakh.

  1. Completed Renunciation of Citizenship form Renunciation of Citizenship form; Americans who are filing on behalf of their legally adopted child (who is a citizen of Republic of Kazakhstan) may complete the English version of the form. Submissions for any purpose other than for an adopted child must submit the Russian version and in Cyrillic script.

  2. Notarized copies of the document certifyin the acquisition of foreign citizenship and the passport of a foreign state;

  3. The original national passport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, identity card and military ID card;

  4. Two passport-size photos;

  5. A $50 fee for a Certificate of Renunciation/Loss of Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan paid by money order (only the consular in Washington, D.C. accepts credit card on location).

  6. Prepaid envelope with return address and tracking number.

Applicants should submit documents to the consular section for which your U.S. state of residency is assigned.

Renunciation of Citizenship is typically issued within seven (7) days.

When applying for a visa, you must attach a copy of the certificate of Renunciation/Loss of Citizenship.