Upon Arrival in Kazakhstan

A white migration card with two rectangular entry and registration stamps. This migration card confirms you have been automatically registered and no further action is required.

migration card

U.S. citizens should review the arrival guidance from the U.S. embassy in Nur-Sultan.

Migration Police Nur-Sultan

31 Imanov St. (Between Beisekbayev St. and Sembinova St.) Tel.: 7172 374867 Tel.:7172 374876

Open Monday – Friday (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Migration Police Almaty

109A Karasai Batyr Street (near Nikolsky Bazar) Tel: (727)-254-46-84 Tel: (727)-254-41-45

If for any reason a U.S. citizen does not receive a registration card immediately upon arrival in Kazakhstan, the traveler should register with the Migration Police in the city where they are staying within 5 calendar days.

The national emergency services numbers in Kazakhstan are:

  • Police: 102
  • Rescue Service: 112
  • Firefighting and Accident Rescue Operations Service: 101
  • Ambulance: 103
  • General Information for Nur-Sultan: 109

For more important contact information, please visit edgekz.com.

Almaty and Nur-Sultan have a well developed system of public transportation. Both cities have metro and ground transportation systems, which are very affordable and easy to use.

Uber and similar local taxi apps like Yandex taxi and Indriver are another convenient alternative for those with smartphones and international data coverage.

For more information about transportation in Kazakhstan, please visit edgekz.com.

The national currency of Kazakhstan is the Tenge (KZT). Foreign currency can be exchanged to the tenge at money exchange kiosks and banks. ATM and credit cards are accepted at many stores, restaurants and hotels.

Apple Pay has been available in Kazakhstan since late 2018. Customers of certain banks can make purchases using their iPhones via Apple’s mobile payments platform.

The way you dial phone numbers for local calls depends on wheter y use land line or mobile phones. If you use lind line to call another land line number, simply dial the local number (six digits). If you call a land line from a mobile phone or another land line, you need to use a prefix: 8 + the number.

If you make an international call from Kazakhstan, you need to dial 810 + the country code + the regional code (if any) + the local telephone number.

To call a Kazakhstan number from abroad: Dial the code for international access + Kazakhstan’s country code (7) + the Kazakhstan city code + the Kazakhstan local telephone number.

All visitors are required to register with the Migration Police within five days of entry into the Republic of Kazakhtan. Visitors arriving by international flights and pass through customs and passport control will be automatically registered, and will recieve a card-sized Migrational Control form. No further action is required once the Migrational Control form is received. Visitors are required to present this card upon departure or exit from Kazahstan. It is recommended to keep this card in one’s passport until departure.